In season rosters changes.
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Postby Mel Torme » Sat Aug 12, 2017 10:56 pm

Starting Rotation:
1. Harry Perkowski
2. Nick Strincevich
3. Vic Lombardi
4. Johnny Marcum
5. Andres Edreira

Closer: Warren Diffin
Setup: Jared Morrison
Short Relief: Nate Willis
Short Relief: Grady Richardson
Middle Relief: Ian Greenhaw
Long Relief: TV Momberg

Lineup (vs both):
1. CF Henry Kimbro
2. SS Eddie Joost
3. DH Grady Hatton
4. RF Tom McGrath
5. 1B Howie Schultz
6. LF Joe Simmons
7. 2B Bob Ramazzotti
8. 3B Bill Brubaker

9. C Ray Lamanno

C Joe Tipton
2B Mike Goliat
SS Eddie Miller
CF Masahide Mihara
RF Darren Coxford

Andy Pafko to AA

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