MLB Fantasy General Manager
A multi-season simulation baseball league

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Welcome to Major League Baseball Fantasy GM! This is a simulation game having nothing to do with current MLB performance, rather a simulated computer performance.

This fantasy league was started by Art Vandaley in September 2006.

Currently, we have 24 MLB teams and they all have a fantasy GM; however, at we are serious about participation. If a GM slacks off, we will not hesitate to boot him from his position and hire a new GM (from the GM waiting list). To be approved to post on our message board you must first talk to Vandaley via AIM or email (AIM name: Bodyfullofoxygen). Everyone is welcome to post.

If you have any questions, hit up the message board and ask away (contact the Commish to get account approval first).

Any questions dealing with the website please send an email to thevandaley at

September 9, 2006


(home) (board) (standings) (news) (finances) (leaders) (files) (recaps) (history) (injuries) (profiles)